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Life Purpose Inventory: Questions to Get You Thinking

Why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing?   These questions—and their related variations—are eternal. As human beings we continue to ask the question “why”. What is my destiny? What’s my life purpose? What’s my calling?  Life is tricky and it can get heavy. If you’re not careful, it can drag…

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Women’s Mental Health

Healthy Women 2018 Each year Mother’s Day kicks off National Women’s Health Week and what better way to celebrate than to explore Women’s mental health for an overall sense of well-being and healthy lifestyle.  I talk about the Mental Health Toolbox frequently and that’s because I believe in and advocate for intentional self-care. The toolbox…

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Mentally healthy in the Workplace

Are you mentally healthy in the workplace? It’s 7:56am, and a silver mini-van smashes into the rear-end of your car, sending you off the lane and into the highway shoulder. Within 5 loud seconds, you open your eyes to the dusty remnants of deployed airbags and honking horns surrounding you. You’re okay, but your car…

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All About CBD

What is CBD? Now that “weed” day has come and gone, let’s learn all about CBD! Cannabidoil or more commonly referred to as CBD is an oil derived from marijuana or industrial hemp which is considered at this time a dietary supplement. CBD lacks THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that is found in marijuana therefore we don’t get…

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DIY Your Mental Health Toolbox into Life!

“Take good care of yourself.” For many of us sometimes sprinting through the rat race of life, the statement rings exceptionally loud as it floats through conversations with colleagues, family members and healthcare practitioners. What does self-care mean for you? From a holistic practitioner standpoint, it means to identify the needs of your mind, body…

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Developing your Mental Health Toolbox

  A Toolbox for overall well-being A couple of years ago in trying to figure out which direction I was going both personally as well as professionally, I developed my personal mission statement:   “I will empower those around me with education to support and encourage their personal evolution.”   I’m passionate about this concept because…

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Self-injury awareness

Self-injury awareness Sixteen year old Allison** has been cutting her arms for years. She has many scars that tell a story of self-hate and loathing due to past sexual abuse. She was violated as a young girl by her sister’s boyfriend. When she experiences intense emotions she feels she can’t tolerate, Allison** takes any object…

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