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Finding Balance

Finding Balance

I haven’t checked in a while. Sometimes life interferes with our great plans. I’ve been patiently waiting for my website to be built and here we finally are!! Go and check it out at wendyhawkins.net and let me know what you think. Things are beginning to come together and it feels really good. The purpose of this blog is to educate, empower and watch the evolution. So let’s get busy!!

In working with my clients, I often encourage them to explore and self-assess for an ideal reality versus the actual reality of who they are, how their time is spent and the choices they make. We often feel confused and don’t understand why our life is chaotic and out of control. To help dissect and analyze, a couple of really great tools that I use are the Personal Mission Statement and the Wheel of Life. Both of these are simple and really easy to complete but give you big results and provide a target and visual to help guide and align behaviors and life choices with our ideal self.

Wheel of Life

For you visual folks this is a great tool. You can find a pdf to download and save from mindtools.com or just search and you’ll find lots of examples. Simply rate the quality of the areas of your life (romance, self-care, education etc.) 0-10. Once you’ve completed ranking just connect the dots and you now have a tool to actually “see” the areas you need to work on. Here’s mine….

wendy wheel

As we can see, I have some work to do 🙂

Personal Mission Statement

Basicgrowth.com sums it up really well stating your identity, your purpose and your vision form the foundation of who you are and how you choose to live. One of the most important elements of a mission statement is that it is authentic. It has to be a reflection of you!! Social work 101: use what you have!! I really liked the five-step method I found at Livecareer.com. It’s easy to follow and realistic. Giving you step-by-step directions along the way. I’ve developed my personal statement and it continues to help me stay in line with my goals. When I’m at a crossroad in my life and feel confused on how to move forward I reflect back on my mission statement to guide me and it never fails!!

To empower and educate myself and others and to encourage personal evolution for the best version of self.

Simple and to the point. The first step in finding balance is to define the target of balance. Hopefully these two tools will help you begin your journey.

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