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It’s a way of thinking!!

It’s a way of thinking!!


Finding balance in an unbalanced world takes thought and lots of it!! Maybe that’s why so many of us are out of balance??!! As a matter of fact it’s a mindset and a lifestyle change. It requires courage and grace. My quest for finding balance began about a year ago when I FINALLY began listening to my body. I was totally out of wack!! Irregular sleep patterns, constant stomach issues and skin afflictions popping up everywhere like crazy!! After so many years of not practicing self-care, feeding a major sugar addiction and allowing negative people into my world my body said enough is enough!! So now because of this, I’m working towards regaining my health, harmony and balance. It’s tough believe me!! The chronic illnesses I’ve developed over the years include rheumatoid arthritis, IBD, eczema and shingles. I work hard to manage these on a daily basis. I’m not a believer of traditional Western medicine. I don’t see a MD. I don’t take prescription medication. I self-educate and utilize holistic and natural remedies. After all social work 101 is to approach everything as a system and our bodies are made up of many intricate systems put in place to keep us functioning but it requires balance. It’s a journey I’ll be on for the rest of my life but I’m excited and feel empowered!

If you’ve begun to feel out of balance and have developed chronic illness (this includes mental health), it may be time to start thinking out loud about your life. It’s time to start looking at how you think. It’s time to start educating yourself and asking questions. A great place to start is completing the Wheel of Life. Get started and get thinking!!

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