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Life Purpose Inventory: Questions to Get You Thinking

Life Purpose Inventory: Questions to Get You Thinking

your life purpose

Why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing?


These questions—and their related variations—are eternal. As human beings we continue to ask the question “why”. What is my destiny? What’s my life purpose? What’s my calling?  Life is tricky and it can get heavy. If you’re not careful, it can drag you down and keep you down. Having some answers to those questions empowers you. It gets you out of the repetition of day-to-day life and instead savoring life to it’s fullest!

Why Do You Need to Know Your Life Purpose?

Some people may declare that they have enough purpose in the everyday life they were given. So maybe that phrase “your life purpose” is not adequate. But what about this–what makes your heart beat? What makes you have that warm feeling in the most inner part of your soul? Making the effort to discover your life purpose or your calling is a powerful step towards creating a new starting point for yourself. Discovering your passion and then getting busy will bring fulfillment to your life and give you a sense of significance like no other.

Thinking about your life purpose leads you to an intentional point of departure. Understanding your calling is like an internal compass. From there, your mission begins. You rise each morning with purpose knowing which direction you’d like to go because you’ve done the work of self-discovery.

6 Questions to Get You Thinking about Your Life Purpose

1. How Important is Income to Me?

It goes without saying that we all need to make money, pay bills, and create some kind of financial safety net. But different paths lead you towards different economic likelihoods. So this is an important time to seriously assess your materialistic drive. This is not a judgment. Rather, it’s an observation that will profoundly shape your path.

Something that goes hand-in-hand with income are the values you possess. Once you discover your passion for life, making your career congruent with your personal values is essential to finding inner peace and tranquility. Some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What are some of my core values?
  • When do I feel the most pride?
  • What do I invest my time, resources and energy into?
  • When making life decisions, what do I take into consideration?
  • What tangible items are nonnegotiable? What things do I have to have? Why are these valuable to me?
  • What quality of life do I want?

2. What Drives and Energizes Me?

As mentioned above, purpose is about rising each morning with a sense of mission. Do you bolt out of bed, raring to go? Or do you drag yourself into work each day? Your mind and body answer this question for you, do your best to pay attention. Tune into yourself and get a better sense of what lights you up.

These are some questions to think about:

  • What makes my heart happy?
  • When do I seem to have the most energy and lose track of time during an activity?
  • What legacy do I want to leave? How do I want people to think about me?
  • If I could only change one thing in the world what would it be?

3. Dreams and Desires

As human beings we dream based on the desires we possess. For instance, one of my dreams is to do an extended road trip because I desire to live simply and see the world!! What are your dreams? What do you think about frequently? Understanding the dreams you have can be the foundation for creating the actions that will help you makes those a reality. Think about these things:

  • List dreams for each area of your life–work, money, living environment, personal growth, health and recreation, community, family and spirituality
  • If I had unlimited resources and couldn’t fail, what would I do?
  • What experiences do I want to have in my lifetime?
  • If I stay on my current path until I retire, how would I feel about my life and how I lived it?

4. Who Are My Role Models?

Innovation and uniqueness are irreplaceable. But this doesn’t mean we have to re-invent the proverbial wheel. Seek out those who have blazed similar paths and learn from them. Emulate them. Benefit from the journey they’ve already taken. Success leaves clues. You are wise to follow them. Questions to ask yourself:

  • Who do I admire and why?
  • What characteristics in people do I value?
  • What lessons could I learn from those that I admire?

5. Who Do I Want to Help?

Couple this question with “How can I help?” There is no success that does not involve gratitude and giving back. And nothing reflects “purpose” like actively reaching out to make a difference in someone’s life. Consider these questions to be a foundation in your search for purpose:

  • What do I care about that is bigger than me
  • As I get older, what deeds do I want others to remember me by
  • What other groups or individuals do I identify with
  • What do my spiritual values say about my life purpose

6. How Much Am I Willing to Evolve, Grow, and Learn?

Finding your life purpose initially involves a willingness to grow. There will be growing pains! But there’s another factor that doesn’t get enough attention. Determining your purpose is not necessarily a linear path. The entire journey is a process. How willing are you to question your current situation, challenge your thoughts and make real changes?

  • How do I learn?
  • Ask yourself reflective questions
  • What factors influence my decisions
  • How can I learn from my experiences
  • How is my mind, body and spirit reacting to my choices and experiences

Enjoy the journey!! There’s no rules!

Fortunately, there’s no rule that says you can’t ask for some help in finding answers!! Isn’t that great?

Your life, in many ways, is a product of those you spend time with. Have you ever heard of the saying “birds of a feather…”? The people you trust and bond with help shape you and your path. Working with a professional is a fine example of this process.

Life coaching provides fertile ground for new ideas and perspectives. Brainstorming and exploring in a safe encouraging environment is a powerful way to learn more about yourself and your potential. Contact me soon for a free 30-minute consultation. Together we can seek out your life purpose. Empower! Educate! Evolve!

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