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Developing your Mental Health Toolbox

Developing your Mental Health Toolbox


A Toolbox for overall well-being

A couple of years ago in trying to figure out which direction I was going both personally as well as professionally, I developed my personal mission statement:


“I will empower those around me with education to
support and encourage their personal evolution.”


I’m passionate about this concept because I had to learn the hard way that if we don’t care for ourselves, we begin to deteriorate mentally and emotionally, ultimately manifesting into long-term and chronic physical health issues. I’m talking about chronic health issues that could have easily been prevented had I just known how to manage my mental health and take care of ME! Those experiences, combined with my education and experience out in the world as a mental health provider, have given me the inspiration to take this to the the next level. One of my personal mantras is: “Don’t just talk about it, be about it!”  This is how the Mental Health Toolbox was developed. This toolbox can serve as your key to effective mental health management if embraced and applied with consistency and conviction in being the best version of YOU. I’m living proof!

Mental Health Toolbox


Because I know these tools within the Mental Health Toolbox are effective, I wanted to take my vision to the next level and include local entrepreneurs to expand the Mental Health Toolbox awareness throughout Kansas City. This month, I have teamed up with wonderful collaborators supporting your mental health wellness while sharing the wealth of their own journeys to serve the people of Kansas City on a holistic level. 

For Spring, I will be giving away  Holistic & Well Self-Care Toolboxes, armed with goodies meant to help bring peace and balance into your life. Please make sure you follow Holistic and Well on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for details on how to win your Mental Health toolbox!

I’d like to welcome the gracious and generous collaborators for our April giveaway. Please check them out!

Roni Townsend – Young Living Essential Oils

As a provider of a seemingly endless variety of essential oils, Roni’s business supports the Young Living Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to “empowering individuals to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education to underserved communities.” This amazing organization nourishes youth with resources and opportunities to break through hardships of third-world circumstances to encourage the evolution of leaders that can lead their families and countries in a positive direction.

With allergy season around the corner, Roni will be providing a wonderful concoction of essential oils to help your body ward off the stuffy raw sinuses we all dread.


Shannon and Tonya – It Works

This duo will be offering products from their company, It Works! Their system is intended to tone, tighten and firm your body while enhancing confidence and a positive self-image. We may even do some in person collaboration so stay tuned!


Joan Johnson – My Touch Creations

An incredibly creative soul, Joan’s magical fingertips craft the most beautiful, handmade stationery gifts in the Kansas City area and beyond. She has been so generous to offer a gift of affirming and inspiring personal note cards to frame or to give away.


Real Things by Gaylyn

A Beautiful amethyst bracelet and pendant designed by Gaylyn will help clear your energy and assist with emotional healing. Handmade in Nevada, MO, Gaylyn designs and creates each piece with love and positive healing energy.


What’s inside yours??!!

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