Wendy Hawkins, LCSW

Empower! Educate! Evolve!

My Practice

Individual Therapy

Client-centered and solution focused therapeutic services offered from a licensed professional within a nonjudgmental and emotionally safe environment to explore emotions, behaviors and core beliefs extending from influential memories and experiences. Client-guided goals to work towards a more healthy and positive version of you.

Group Therapy

This service is available in a wide range of contexts ranging from 5-12 participants. Support groups as well as specific target diagnosis groups can be developed. Group therapy can be an extremely beneficial therapy allowing for peers to provide support and feedback to one another within a safe therapeutic environment. Groups are guided by a facilitator with members coming from diverse backgrounds and personalities that provide ideas for improving life situations and challenges to one another while also holding each other accountable for positive and healthy change.

Family Therapy

With the concept of family continuing to evolve and change, it’s important to treat the family system as a working unit with each member connected to and impacting the other family members. Just as individual therapy is client-driven, family services are also driven by the needs and goals of the entire family as a whole with no one family member more important than another. Family system therapy addresses cohesion, inter-connectedness and communication with a Systems Theory model.

Couples Therapy

Services to assist with development of current communication and conflict resolution skills within intimate relationships. Exploration of relationship utilizing Emotion Focused Therapy as well as Gottman Therapy for couples.

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