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Self-Discovery Month!!

Self-Discovery Month!!

“Who in the world am I?
Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

So May has been deemed “self-discovery month” which is phenomenal but as I always say…”why do important things just get considered for a day, week or month?” Self-discovery should happen every single day!! It’s what keeps us on the straight and narrow. I often work with many of my clients in completing a Personal Mission Statement (PMS) which helps in developing a life direction…whatever that direction may be!! PMS help us to assess if the choices we’re making are going to help us achieve our mission of if those choices deter us. It can be something as simple as a word, a phrase or a complete paragraph. It doesn’t matter!! As long as you think it through in developing your statement that’s all that really matters.

There’s lots of good stuff out here on the web to help you get started with your self-discovery. One of the books I’ve read and keep on hand to utilize with my clients is Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and there’s an awesome workbook to accompany the read. There’s also a teenage version with workbook as well that I’ve utilized within a group setting with noticeable results. If you don’t like to read, I have some comprehensive exercises that will get you started under the resources tab.

Writing your PMS down makes it real!! If it’s just clinking around in your head you’re less apt to put it into practice. Talk with those around you that you trust most to get an outside perspective of yourself. Clarify and define who you are by examining your habits, attitudes and beliefs. Don’t forget to look at your behaviors as well. We can say all day that we have a specific belief but if we’re doing the complete opposite it nulls that belief completely!! So don’t allow your life to float around in the wind like a leaf. Take action and write your Personal Mission Statement!

Your beliefs become your thoughts!
Your thoughts become your words!
Your words become your actions!
Your actions become your habits!
Your habits become your values!
Your values become your destiny!


Empower, Educate, Evolve

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