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Is There a Connection Between Childhood Emotional Neglect and Adult PTSD?

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Mentally healthy in the Workplace

Are you mentally healthy in the workplace? It’s 7:56am, and a silver mini-van smashes into the rear-end of your car, sending you off the lane and into the highway shoulder. Within 5 loud seconds, you open your eyes to the dusty remnants of deployed airbags and honking horns surrounding you. You’re okay, but your car…

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Self-injury awareness

Self-injury awareness Sixteen year old Allison** has been cutting her arms for years. She has many scars that tell a story of self-hate and loathing due to past sexual abuse. She was violated as a young girl by her sister’s boyfriend. When she experiences intense emotions she feels she can’t tolerate, Allison** takes any object…

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Begin with sleep

Begin with Sleep As our everyday surroundings become inundated with advertisements to medicinally tackle mental illness, it’s easy to forget that many of the answers to well-being are free, easily accessible and natural. One of them is as comfortable as a just-washed down comforter, bamboo sheets and a mountain of pillows. Looking for overall wellness?…

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Building the Mental Health Toolbox

Building the Mental Health Toolbox As with all tasks, having the proper tools empowers one to be prepared, knowledgeable and ultimately successful. When thinking of mental health and developing one’s sense of well-being there is no difference. Building a Mental Health Toolbox is essential to the positive evolution of one’s mental health overall. If we…

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Teen Dating Violence and Mental Health

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Happily ever after—or not? It’s easy for our teens to become enamored with an idea that’s been told over and over again during story time and Disney movies for most of their childhood. What isn’t so easy for them, is to recognize that an unhealthy relationship may not…

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