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How You Can Experience Natural Anxiety Relief with Magnesium

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Developing your Mental Health Toolbox

  A Toolbox for overall well-being A couple of years ago in trying to figure out which direction I was going both personally as well as professionally, I developed my personal mission statement:   “I will empower those around me with education to support and encourage their personal evolution.”   I’m passionate about this concept because…

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Trauma and Ethnic Mental Health

Trauma and ethnic mental health There’s a direct connection between trauma and ethnic mental health. There’s no getting around it or sugar-coating the facts. Due to racial trauma, the mental health among communities of color continues to decline due to a very specific social injustice that still exists in America. Racial trauma, which is similar…

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Building the Mental Health Toolbox

Building the Mental Health Toolbox As with all tasks, having the proper tools empowers one to be prepared, knowledgeable and ultimately successful. When thinking of mental health and developing one’s sense of well-being there is no difference. Building a Mental Health Toolbox is essential to the positive evolution of one’s mental health overall. If we…

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Take back your time!

I don’t know about you but I NEVER seem to have enough time. Time to do the things I need to do let alone time to do the things I want to do. Time to clean. Time to rest. Time to work. Time to love. Time to self-care. Did somebody say self-care? Learning to take…

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Call for Action!! Walk!!

  T. Morgan and Vanessa Garrison give a heart-felt presentation on Tedx Talks Walking as a Revolutionary Act of Self-Care that all women particularly women of color need to see, hear and implement. Follow them on Facebook and be part of the journey. Where’s your Fire? Watch. Share. Repeat.

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