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Thank you for stopping in and visiting!! I hope you utilize this site for your personal education, empowerment and evolution for your lifelong journey to becoming the best version of you. As a clinically licensed social worker and psychotherapist, it is my personal goal to utilize a more natural approach to provide holistic mental health services in a natural and non-threatening professional setting. That means the possibilities are endless because you are in control of the process. Take a look at my blog Thoughts of a Social Worker and let me know what you think. I’ll be sharing my journey of personal growth and evolution as well as my experiences as a social worker and therapist. Some days are rewarding while other days are tough. I’m constantly relearning from my clients to stay humble, judgement free and be passionate for life. I hope this site is a valuable resource for you to refer to many times. Enjoy!!

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To invest someone with

power or freedom


To share or impart knowledge


To develop gradually from a

simple to a more complex form


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Client Feedback

"Wendy has greatly impacted my life because she has taught me how to handle my emotions in a more healthy way, and has taught me how to deal with toxic relationships in my life. For that I am forever changed and thankful."
"I met Wendy my freshman year and if you asked me back then if we would be as close as we are now I would say no without a doubt. She was that one mentor that made sure you weren’t messing around and would check you quick, fast and in a hurry but everyday I thank God that I met her because without her I don’t know where I would be.
My last year of Middle school my ending grades were all C’s and I had the mind frame that, that was okay. It wasn’t until I met her that I realized I had the potential to do better. I’m a senior now and will be gradating in May and thanks to her I’ve been on the Honor Roll each year of high school and have gotten accepted to a variety of colleges. Wendy gives me faith to keep pushing when I feel like I’ve given my all and when I’ve done my best she lets me know that I can always accomplish more."
- Joslyn
"Wendy Hawkins my mentor has impacted my life so much because before I met her I didn’t know what self-worth was and how to love and care for myself. And I didn’t know how to be independent, strong, and work hard for the things that I want. She has taught me that if you was something you have to get up of your butt and get it and how to stay positive when things are going wrong."
- Shelzaray

"I have really benefited from the services I received. Wendy helped me with my goals, maintaining perspective, and teaching me tools to handle situations that I was struggling with. She is compassionate and created a feeling of being safe during our sessions. I've had a lot of unpleasant experiences with therapy in the past. Wendy helped me gain trust again and helped me realize how valuable therapy is."


"Wendy was very personable and easy to communicate with. She is always available to help with questions or concerns."


"I can't think of anything that would improve the service I received. It was top notch."


"Thank you for everything! You're a wonderful person and so kind and easy to talk to."


"As a marriage counselor Wendy made us feel very comfortable which allowed us to open up and discuss our problems."