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Client Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Therapy?

Therapy is the process of meeting with a licensed professional for the purpose of addressing and/or resolving life issues related to personal behaviors, emotions, or relationships. Therapy helps to empower and educate to provide a better understanding of self in relation to the world you live in.

What are holistic mental health services?

Holistic mental health services are alternative approaches to ongoing mental health care to either supplement or replace conventional psychotherapy services. This can include such services as aromatherapy, meditation and yoga. There are too many to list but holistic services can be discussed and incorporated at anytime during your treatment services.

What are community based mental health services?

Community based services provide mental health services in a non-traditional manner where the therapist travels to and conducts therapy sessions in the home or community rather than within a traditional professional office. These services are beneficial to those who may have obstacles such as transportation, childcare or home-bound diagnoses.

Am I “crazy” because I need therapy?

No. Most people in therapy are ordinary people dealing with common problems such as relationship issues, grief, stress, depression, and anxiety. Many circumstances in life cause us to feel hurt, stressed, or angry – emotions that can manifest in different ways for every person. Unless we have learned positive methods for dealing with these emotions, we will continue to experience them or suppress them, ultimately causing more damage to ourselves and to those around us. Therapy teaches you how to process and resolve these and other common issues.

How long will I need therapy?

Most clients participate in 60 minutes of individual therapy services on a weekly basis. The frequency can be more or less depending on the treatment plan developed between you and your therapist. Many people participate in regular and consistent therapy for several years.

What should I expect during my therapy sessions?

During a therapy session, you can expect to talk about your emotional and behavioral concerns, relationship struggles, and personal goals. Your therapist will likely engage you in conversation regarding the events happening currently in your life, your personal history, and any progress you have made since your last session. Those who actively participate in this process usually benefit the most. To compliment this process, your therapist may also give you assignments to complete at home, such as reading certain books, journalling about your issues, or practicing new skills relevant to your goals.


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