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Why Building A Financial Support Team is Worth Your Time

We all want fewer money problems and more financial security. Even better, we all want financial freedom. But how do we begin making it happen? Financial advice is as common and trendy as diet advice. How can the average person figure it out? The good news is that you don’t have to figure it out…
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your life purpose

Life Purpose Inventory: Questions to Get You Thinking

Why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing?   These questions—and their related variations—are eternal. As human beings we continue to ask the question “why”. What is my destiny? What’s my life purpose? What’s my calling?  Life is tricky and it can get heavy. If you’re not careful, it can drag…
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childhood emotional neglect

Is There a Connection Between Childhood Emotional Neglect and Adult PTSD?

Time and age share the same forward trajectory. Though it might seem that neither time nor age carries a significant enough relevance to help you live free from the past. Furthermore, your past experiences could haunt you or impact you in unexpected ways. And you might not even realize it. The way you feel or…
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How You Can Experience Natural Anxiety Relief with Magnesium

It seems everyone complains that there’s a “new miracle cure” every week. Well, this may be true according to our trending news feeds and click-bait articles. But, in reality, our bodies know what works. If it’s natural anxiety relief you seek, you don’t need a “miracle cure.” Your path towards peace of mind may start…
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Women's mental health

Women’s Mental Health

Healthy Women 2018 Each year Mother’s Day kicks off National Women’s Health Week and what better way to celebrate than to explore Women’s mental health for an overall sense of well-being and healthy lifestyle.  I talk about the Mental Health Toolbox frequently and that’s because I believe in and advocate for intentional self-care. The toolbox…
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mentally healthy in the workplace

Mentally healthy in the Workplace

Are you mentally healthy in the workplace? It’s 7:56am, and a silver mini-van smashes into the rear-end of your car, sending you off the lane and into the highway shoulder. Within 5 loud seconds, you open your eyes to the dusty remnants of deployed airbags and honking horns surrounding you. You’re okay, but your car…
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All about CBD

All About CBD

What is CBD? Now that “weed” day has come and gone, let’s learn all about CBD! Cannabidoil or more commonly referred to as CBD is an oil derived from marijuana or industrial hemp which is considered at this time a dietary supplement. CBD lacks THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that is found in marijuana therefore we don’t get…
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DIY your Mental Health Toolbox into Life

DIY Your Mental Health Toolbox into Life!

“Take good care of yourself.” For many of us sometimes sprinting through the rat race of life, the statement rings exceptionally loud as it floats through conversations with colleagues, family members and healthcare practitioners. What does self-care mean for you? From a holistic practitioner standpoint, it means to identify the needs of your mind, body…
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Developing your Mental Health Toolbox

  A Toolbox for overall well-being A couple of years ago in trying to figure out which direction I was going both personally as well as professionally, I developed my personal mission statement:   “I will empower those around me with education to support and encourage their personal evolution.”   I’m passionate about this concept because…
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self-injury awareness

Self-injury awareness

Self-injury awareness Sixteen year old Allison** has been cutting her arms for years. She has many scars that tell a story of self-hate and loathing due to past sexual abuse. She was violated as a young girl by her sister’s boyfriend. When she experiences intense emotions she feels she can’t tolerate, Allison** takes any object…
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choose happiness

The Mental Choice to be Happy

The Mental Choice to be Happy The mental choice to be happy is tough at times but can be done. Most of us make the mental choice to get out of bed every morning and brush our teeth groggily; we choose milk and sugar with our coffee and choose a radio station on the way…
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begin with sleep

Begin with sleep

Begin with Sleep As our everyday surroundings become inundated with advertisements to medicinally tackle mental illness, it’s easy to forget that many of the answers to well-being are free, easily accessible and natural. One of them is as comfortable as a just-washed down comforter, bamboo sheets and a mountain of pillows. Looking for overall wellness?…
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Resistant Women of History

Resistant Women of History

  Resistant Women of History Empowered, Educated and Evolved! Over a span of thousands of generations Mother Earth has produced exceptional daughters that have catalyzed the evolution of humankind. Throughout history, women have advanced the worlds of science, politics, arts, and countless family unit foundations that propel the rotation of the world to this day.…
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Trauma and ethnic mental health

Trauma and Ethnic Mental Health

Trauma and ethnic mental health There’s a direct connection between trauma and ethnic mental health. There’s no getting around it or sugar-coating the facts. Due to racial trauma, the mental health among communities of color continues to decline due to a very specific social injustice that still exists in America. Racial trauma, which is similar…
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Mental Health Toolbox

Building the Mental Health Toolbox

Building the Mental Health Toolbox As with all tasks, having the proper tools empowers one to be prepared, knowledgeable and ultimately successful. When thinking of mental health and developing one’s sense of well-being there is no difference. Building a Mental Health Toolbox is essential to the positive evolution of one’s mental health overall. If we…
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teen dating violence

Teen Dating Violence and Mental Health

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Happily ever after—or not? It’s easy for our teens to become enamored with an idea that’s been told over and over again during story time and Disney movies for most of their childhood. What isn’t so easy for them, is to recognize that an unhealthy relationship may not…
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take back your time

Take back your time!

I don’t know about you but I NEVER seem to have enough time. Time to do the things I need to do let alone time to do the things I want to do. Time to clean. Time to rest. Time to work. Time to love. Time to self-care. Did somebody say self-care? Learning to take…
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humanitarian day

How can I be a Humanitarian?

  Humanitarian Day 2018 Today we’re celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., a humanitarian, who was a great leader, big thinker and overall compassionate human being. A humanitarian is someone who positively promotes the well-being of other human beings. That’s it!! So simple but many of us think of being a humanitarian as…
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Clear the Clutter, Clear the Mind

“Out with the Old and In with the New” is commonly associated with ringing in the New Year.  It’s sentiments can be strongly felt shortly after the holiday season, when stress, anxiety and depression can be higher than usual.  Before these feelings explode, work through them by starting with your surroundings; Clear the Clutter, Clear…
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Holiday gatherings don’t have to be stressful!

  Holiday gatherings and Stress Family gatherings can be stressful and I mean to the max! Why is that? We should be looking forward to time with our friends and loved ones to slow down, catch up and be in the moment but sometimes it doesn’t quite happen that way. When I think of family gatherings…
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Call for Action!! Walk!!

  T. Morgan and Vanessa Garrison give a heart-felt presentation on Tedx Talks Walking as a Revolutionary Act of Self-Care that all women particularly women of color need to see, hear and implement. Follow them on Facebook and be part of the journey. Where’s your Fire? Watch. Share. Repeat.
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Self-Discovery Month!!

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland So May has been deemed “self-discovery month” which is phenomenal but as I always say…”why do important things just get considered for a day, week or month?” Self-discovery should happen every single day!! It’s what keeps us on…
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Ditch the Resolutions!

It’s that time of year again ughhhhhh I absolutely hate hearing about “the resolutions” people set. What they’re really doing is setting themselves up for failure!! Don’t set resolutions–set goals!! Here’s some great tips on how to be successful goal setting beasts. You can do it!!!
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21st Century Cures Act

I think many of us can agree that the mental health system in this country is broken. Many do not have coverage while those that do struggle to receive the services they need because of bureaucratic BS, red-tape and endless rhetoric of  managed care providers. As a clinician, I am very frustrated with the obstacles…
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It’s a way of thinking!!

Finding balance in an unbalanced world takes thought and lots of it!! Maybe that’s why so many of us are out of balance??!! As a matter of fact it’s a mindset and a lifestyle change. It requires courage and grace. My quest for finding balance began about a year ago when I FINALLY began listening to…
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Finding Balance

I haven’t checked in a while. Sometimes life interferes with our great plans. I’ve been patiently waiting for my website to be built and here we finally are!! Go and check it out at wendyhawkins.net and let me know what you think. Things are beginning to come together and it feels really good. The purpose…
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Finding Balance

I’m three years post graduation and two and half years into my career as a full fledged licensed social worker. Man it’s been a journey from the start of grad school to the point where I am now. I continue to grow as a professional as a woman but most importantly my growth as a…
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  • Continuous practice of being mindful of what I think...I believe. Some days are better than others!
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  • Happy #Tuesday ♥️♥️ life is super busy right now with developing and growing the community at the #wellnesscafe at @hemplifewaldokc. Stop in and say hi sometime!! You know I'm passionate about empowering others to have the tools necessary to create the best quality of life they can have. At the suggestion of my massage therapist @ryn.massage I've gone #vegetarian for the past two weeks. Here's what I've noticed... 1) reduced overall aches, pains and inflammation
2) reduced gas and bloating
3) Reduced skin irritations and rashes
4) improved daily nutrition
5) improved immune system performance
6) reduced sinus mucus
7) improved daily elimination

Coincidence? Probably not! Gonna stay on this path for a little longer to see what happens. Stay tuned!
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